Life On The ​Fast Lane

Nicky Lim is a business consultant, ​marketing strategist & coach trainer.

Building businesses ​profitably, sustainably ​& ETHICALLY.

After growing up battling depression, having no formal ​education and being discriminated for not having a ​college degree, I wanted to play my part to champion ​these sustainability goals to create a better world.

  • Good health & wellbeing
  • Quality Education
  • Reduced Inequalities
  • Sustainable cities & communities

served O​VER

10 industries


>RM 30 mil


1,000 lives


>500 HOURS

Delivering ​results is part of ​my passion.

Became a professional racing driver, 2018

Started a motorsports media company, 2019

Built a profitable go kart business, 2021

Raised RM 1m for new startup, 2023

Built & sold luxury sports car rental company, 2024

Became a brand ambassador for SG based oil company, 2024

What I do

BUsiness Development ​& Marketing Specialist

Backed by 15 years of working & entrepreneurship ​experience, Nicky is dedicated to building businesses ​profitably, sustainably, and ethically. With a focus on ​responsible growth and positive impact, Nicky offers a range of ​services tailored to each client's unique needs and objectives.

  • Strategic Planning And Implementation
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Partnership and Business Networking
  • Sales And Distribution Channels
  • Branding And Identity Development
  • Private Equity And Investor Relations


Quotation Mark

I had the privilege of working ​with Nicky during my time at ​Alyezo Speedzone, and I can't ​recommend him enough as a ​mentor and manager. Nicky ​turned it into a seriously ​awesome experience, it was ​like working with a loving work ​family.

Bobby Razdan ​executive

Quotation Mark

Nicky helped me discover my ​gaps and alternatives in my ​personal branding. He ​patiently mapped out the ​different areas for me and ​made the learning fun and ​relatable. His professionalism, ​willingness to share resources ​and to go beyond what is ​asked are my reasons to ​recommend his services.



Quotation Mark

I met Nicky via Linkedin. I was ​impressed with his personality, his ​motivation and inspiration at a ​relatively young age. I have had the ​opportunity to join Nicky's ​WhatsApp Business coaching and ​have learnt useful skills for my ​business. I would definitely ​recommend Nicky as a go-to ​person for training, coaching, social ​media & digital marketing advice.


Work life balance is a very essential part of what i do because ​maintaining a healthy work-life balance allows me to perform at ​my best while also nurturing personal well-being and ​relationships. I believe that every organization that is able to ​prioritize the well-being of its employees ultimately fosters a ​more positive and productive work environment.

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my name is nicky ​And I am a ​fighter.

After dropping out of college, I didn’t know what to ​do with my life. Making that decision wasn’t an ​easy choice but personal family issues and the ​struggles with hair loss and depression, it was hard ​to cope. But that has given me the opportunity to ​explore the world and make a difference.

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Building businesses ​profitably, sustainably & ​ETHICALLY.

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