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Step into the fast ​paced world of ​Nicky Lim.

Nicky Lim, a name synonymous with chasing ​dreams, is celebrated for crafting authentic and ​passionate narratives that reflect excellence and ​dedication. With every project, he dives into the ​heart of inspiration, showcasing resilience and the ​relentless pursuit of the impossible.

Sepang International F1 Circuit Track Day

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Sepang Track Day


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Racing Career

Starting with no financial backing, Nicky mastered ​the art of motorsport sponsorship, turning challenges ​into opportunities. His racing career is deeply rooted ​in his passion for the sport and his desire to help ​aspiring racers achieve their dreams as his journey ​from humble beginnings to achieving his dream of ​racing professionally showcases his resilience and ​determination.

Passion Projects


Santa & Batman In Kuala Lumpur

Dressed as Santa and Batman, my friend and I ​spread cheer and support by feeding the homeless ​in KL, blending festive fun with meaningful outreach.


Myvi vs Lotus - Who Will Win?

We created a lively video pitting the Perodua Myvi ​against the Lotus Official Club Malaysia, featuring ​humorous commentary that highlighted the contrast ​between everyday practicality and high-​performance passion on Malaysian roads.


“Hi sir, can i help you?”

We created a light-hearted video to capture the ups ​and downs of a day as a car salesman at Utama ​Motors, offering viewers a humorous glimpse into ​the unique challenges and interactions within the ​dealership environment.


Prince Engine Oil: Ambassador

In partnership with Prince Lubricants, a top-quality ​engine oil, a light-hearted video was crafted to ​showcase the product's benefits, offering viewers a ​humorous and engaging take on its superior ​performance and reliability.


Documentary: My Myvi Story

This is a story of my Perodua Myvi and I, capturing ​the memorable adventures through fun and heartfelt ​experiences, highlighting the bond between a driver ​and their beloved car.


Dare To Dream: Racing Journey

This documentary chronicles my racing journey ​through candid moments and thrilling races, offering ​you an intimate look at the dedication and drive ​behind my motorsport career.


Marketing Services On Demand



Develop your business from ​battle tested case studies.

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Leave a memorable ​impression through content.

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Connect with a network of ​high net worth investors.


Business Profile

Nicky Lim, as a Business Confidant, Spokesperson, ​and Brand Ambassador, embodies resilience, ​authenticity, and dedication. With a profound ​understanding of marketing and an inspirational ​journey marked by overcoming challenges, he ​empowers businesses to thrive. Nicky connects ​personally with audiences, leveraging his unique ​experiences to foster genuine relationships. He ​passionately champions brands, ensuring they ​resonate with their target markets and build trust.

His unwavering commitment and innovative approach ​drive growth and success, making him a valuable ​asset to any business.


Sharon Tan

CEO of Iconik

Co-Working Space

“I met Nicky via Linkedin. I was impressed with ​his personality, his motivation and inspiration ​at a relatively young age. I have had the ​opportunity to join Nicky and have learnt ​useful skills for my business. I would definitely ​recommend Nicky as a go-to person for ​marketing advice.”

five star rating

Tsu Yi

EAP Manager & Coach, ​MindFi Singapore

“If you're looking for a self-driven, highly ​motivated and committed person who ​consistently goes above and beyond their ​work, Nicky is someone that you must meet ​and work with. He also has a natural ability to ​think outside the box and take on challenges ​with enthusiasm and creativity. It is ​undoubtedly a very pleasant experience ​working with Nicky.”

five star rating

Filiz Karaca

Digital Commerce, ​Accenture Malaysia

“Nicky is an inspiring speaker, he is well ​articulated in sharing his robust past ​experiences and insightful learnings. Nicky is ​bold and courageous in taking on new ​challenges, he is adaptable and embraces ​situations out of his comfort zone. He is ​creative and resourceful in completing ​projects.”

five star rating

Aiden Liew

Founder, Right

House Solutions

“Nicky helped me discover my gaps and ​alternatives in my personal branding. He ​patiently mapped out the different areas for me ​and made the learning fun and relatable. His ​professionalism, willingness to share resources ​and to go beyond what is asked are my ​reasons to recommend his services.”

five star rating

Bobby Razdan

Marketing Executive,

Aylezo Motorsports

“I had the privilege of working with Nicky ​during my time at Alyezo Speedzone, and I ​can't recommend him enough as a mentor and ​manager. Nicky turned it into a seriously ​awesome experience, it was like working with ​a loving work family.”

five star rating

Jeffro Ong

Lead Consultant,

Willis​ Towers Watson ​

“Nicky helped me discover my gaps and ​alternatives in my personal branding. He ​patiently mapped out the different areas for me ​and made the learning fun and relatable. His ​professionalism, willingness to share resources ​and to go beyond what is asked are my ​reasons to recommend his services.”

five star rating

Articles & Guides

Startups & Entrepreneurship

How To Find Investors For ​Your Business?

Finding investors is something that most people find ​stressful because of the fear of rejection, but in ​reality, a rejection just means something you’re ​offering just isn’t aligned to what the other person is ​looking for.

Career Development

How To Find Career ​Breakthrough In Life?​

My career never really took off until much later in my ​late 20’s. I spent a lot of my time in and out of ​different jobs, working with different people, ​companies and starting out different businesses.

Home interior decoration and renovation planning concept

Book Publishing

How To Self Publish A Boo​k in Mala​ysia?

Ever since I published and shared about my first ​book Coming Alive in June 2021, I’ve gotten a lot of ​questions about becoming a book author, ​particularly from people whom I’ve met on LinkedIn.

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